Luv’s life prologue

by | May 5, 2016 | General

Here’s a taste from my new book, Luv’s Life.


Damn it! She scowled at the stack of bills piled on the kitchen counter. As if humiliating her by running off with her assistant wasn’t enough, he had to leave her knee-deep in debt too. It was the cherry on top of the horrible sundae that was her life.

When Good Morning Seattle hired a new producer, he decided to go, “in another direction.” Her pride and professional ethics wouldn’t allow her to do segments on women who married their step-father! They had obviously mistaken her for Maury Povitch. Rather than debase herself she walked out. It was puzzling. She’d thought she was doing well. The show had even allowed her to hire an intern to help answer her fan mail and book her personal appearances.

She took Mindy under her wing and the two had become friends. She’d shown her the ropes for God’s sake. The girl added insult to injury by running off with her boyfriend! She really could just kill Brad, nothing hurt like being left for a younger woman! Such was the life of a romantic lifestyle consultant. What a joke! Here she was giving advice to women on how to live life more romantically and she couldn’t even satisfy her own boyfriend’s desires.
Okay, at twenty-eight she was only a few years older than Mindy the Twinkie, but the whole thing made her feel old and tired. The lying, cheating bastard was a waste-of-skin who’d given her nothing.
Nothing, but debt and disgrace. There was only one thing left to do. Go home to her parents defeated. She hated the thought. But it would only be for a few weeks. Just until she figured out what to do next and how to pay the bills Brad had left her.
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