Last excerpt from ryder’s rules

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When completed and submitted the application. The next step was her first phone interview. She’d brushed up on her knowledge of history as well as the current political situation in the middle east, only to be asked questions about South and Central America! She was embarrassed by her lack of knowledge and felt she’d failed miserably. Much to Jenn’s surprise, she received a second phone interview. This time she felt more prepared, She’d spent more time studying Central and South America and of course, the Middle East and it paid off. There were still questions for which she had no answer, but an agile mind, ability to think on her feet, language and chemistry skills earned her an in person interview.
Jenn was pleased the CIA was footing the bill for her trip to DC. She was more excited than nervous. At precisely 3:15, the exact time of her appointment, the door opened and a petite blond woman called, “Jennifer Carnegie?”
Jenn stood, and the woman motioned for her to step into the room. Her interviewer was a hawkish woman with dark hair, and intense green eyes. She studied Jenn’s eVERY move and involuntary response, then peppered her with questions like, why do you want to work for the CIA? Tell me about the expectations of the job. Give an example of a leadership role where you failed, what did you learn? How do successfully navigate ambiguous situations and how do you serve others? It lasted for more than two hours. Then there were online tests. Just when she had almost given up, she received the call that took her to the next step, her visit with the psychologist. More probing questions about her behavior, choices and how she felt about ambiguous circumstances. She passed the security clearance and the polygraph. She was off to Fort Peary for training.
Fort Peary, referred to as “the farm,” was where the CIA trained their operatives. The exhaustive two-year training included everything from weaponry and explosives to driving skills, compass navigation, how to trail suspects and determine if you were being trailed, breaking and entering, low flight parachuting, just to name a few. In the final test the recruits attend a mock party whose sole purpose is to find someone for them to “turn,” or an “asset” to gather information from without being spotted by the FBI agents in attendance. Jenn excelled in eVERYthing. While she didn’t enjoy handling a gun she a crack shot and even better at hand to hand combat. The judo lessons they gave were particularly good for smaller agents who could use their opponent’s weight against them. She had a knack for what they called lateral thinking. She excelled in finding other ways to do things, unique ways to solve problems. And thinking out of the box Her flexibility and ability to keep calm under pressure made her a favorite. She felt like she’d come home. It was a better fit than she could have ever imagined.


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